Product overview

3D globe valves are torque seated valve which are used for on-off service as well as for throttling purpose.
Globe valves are widely selected for their short travel. 3D provides two types of construction; rising stem and rising-rotating stem. 
3D manufactures the full series of globe valves, including T type, Y type and angle type. 

Size: NPS 2"~24"(DN50~DN600
Pressure Rating: ASME CLASS 150~2500
Body material
Carbon steel, Stainless steel, Alloy steel, Duplex stainless steel
End connection
Manual, Pneumatic, Electric, Hydraulic


1 Overview


The stop valve is used to close, open and throttle the pipeline medium. The stop valve can completely block the fluid and form a good seal under the force of the valve stem; Y-type stop valve shall be determined according to the overall design and installation requirements of the valve; In the open state, the stop check valve can be used as an element to control the one-way flow of pipeline medium. When the medium flows downstream, the valve is opened by the pressure of the pipeline itself. When the medium flows backward, it acts on the back of the valve disc by relying on the weight of the valve disc and the pressure of medium return, so as to form a seal between the valve disc and the valve seat, so as to achieve the purpose of check and closure. From 10% opening position to full opening, the stop valve with throttle disc is effective for flow regulation of the pipeline.


This kind of valve rotates the hand wheel clockwise and the valve disc drops until the channel is completely cut off and the valve is closed. Rotate the hand wheel counterclockwise and the valve disc rises until it touches the block and the valve opens. For electric device valves, the standby hand wheel can be used to open and close the valve in case of emergency such as power failure.