Quality Control

ISO 9001:2015 for design, production and after sales of ball valves

our Quality Assurance department works to ensure that all engineering, manufacturing and testing activities are conducted in order to meet the requirements of ISO 9001 as fundamental of our Quality Management System with particular emphasis on the need for risk assessment in organization management which involves planning, motivating and controlling actions focused on meeting the organization’s objectives. ISO accreditation ensures a customized high quality service, performed by experienced personnel, to support and satisfy our Customers and their Commitments expectations, with safe company operation aimed at obtaining of higher profits with better use of resources and more conscious decision making with shorter reaction time.

We desire to create a safe and healthy working environment and continuously work to achieve this.

It is our responsibility to ensure the health and safety of our employees and to safeguard the communities and environments in which we operate and live. We desire to preserve the integrity and reputation of our company and to help our Employees, Workers and Directors to avoid misconduct; we have to ensure compliance with legal and regulatory requirements as well as with our internal policies and directives. We aim to act in an ethical and socially responsible manner within the laws, customs and traditions of the countries in which we operate. Our ambition is to avoid negative environmental impacts, enhance positive effects and contribute to sustainable development. This applies to all our activities.