• pressure-seal gate valves

Pressure-seal Gate Valves

Product overview

3D pressure-seal valves are designed based on API/BS and ASME B16.34. They're widely applied within high temperature and high pressure conditions. A smart and simple rigid structure provides a reliable body-bonnet seal and low maintenance costs.

Size: NPS 2"~40" (DN50~DN1000)
Pressure Rating: ASME CLASS 600~2500
Body material
Carbon steel,Alloy steel
End connection
Manual, Pneumatic, Electric, Hydraulic


What is a self sealing valve? What is its simple working principle? Mainly used in those places?


In terms of working performance, the greater the pressure, the better the sealing performance of the self sealing valve within the working pressure range.


The working principle of self sealing valve mainly uses the sealing principle of wedge sealing surface under pressure, so the greater the pressure, the better the sealing effect. Of course, this pressure should be within the bearing range of the seal. Although the sealing principle is roughly similar, the sealing structure and seal material have different changes to adapt to different working conditions and different preload requirements (preload is usually applied through bolt structure and can be adjusted).


Self sealing structure is widely used in the upper sealing of valves, mainly in working conditions above 900lb.