• Lug Check Valve

Lug Check Valve

Product overview

Due to better flow performances, smaller installation space, lower weight and easier installation, dual plate check valves are widely used in the flow control industry. 3D dual plate check valves are in compliance with API 594. 

Size: NPS 2"~76"(DN50~DN1900
Pressure Rating:ASME CLASS 150~2500
Body material
Carbon steel, Stainless steel, Alloy steel, Duplex stainless steel
End connection


Lug wafer check valve


[technical field]


The utility model relates to the technical field of check valves, in particular to a lug wafer check valve.


[background technology]


[0002] the check valve adopts precision casting and has the advantages of short structure length, small volume, light weight, fast disc closing and water hammer pressure


Small, smooth flow channel, small fluid resistance, horizontal or vertical pipes can be used, convenient installation, sensitive action and sealing performance


The utility model has the advantages of short stroke of the valve disc, small impact force for closing the valve, simple and compact, beautiful appearance, long service life and high reliability, and prevents medium pouring


Flow, automatic control and so on. The wafer check valve is mainly applicable to water supply and drainage pipe networks of cities, industries and high-rise buildings


Come on. Because its structural length is shorter than that of general check valve, it is most suitable for places with limited installation space.


[content of the invention]


[0003] the purpose of the utility model is to overcome the shortcomings of the prior art, connect the double disc butterfly plate with double flanges, and make the check valve


The flange bears the bolt force and is forcibly reset by spring, so as to achieve the purpose of rapid disc closing.


[0004] in order to achieve the above purpose, the utility model proposes a lug wafer check valve, which comprises a flange, a butterfly plate and a butterfly valve


The utility model is characterized in that the outer ring of the valve body is provided with a flange, the periphery of the flange is evenly distributed with lugs, and the lugs are provided with mounting holes;


A spring clip is arranged on the disc plate shaft, and the spring clip is connected with the disc plate.


[0005] the butterfly plate is two semicircles with equal diameter.


[0006] compared with the prior art, the lug flange of the utility model plays a good role in positioning, horizontal pipe or vertical pipe


All pipes can be used, with convenient installation and sensitive action. The design also has the advantages of short structure length, small volume, light weight and fast disc closing


Speed and other advantages.