• HP carbon steel gate valve

HP Carbon Steel Gate Valve

3D high pressure gate valve is reliable, closed tightly and the pressure is reduced. The design covers a wide range of requirements to meet any customer needs from general to harsh service conditions.


3D high pressure gate valve meets the requirements of the latest edition of API600 and ASME B16.34.


Size: NPs 2 "~ 66" (DN50 ~ dn1650)


Pressure rating: ASME class150 ~ 2500 (PN16 ~ pn420)


Valve body material: carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, duplex stainless steel


End connection: RF, BW, RTJ


Operation: manual, pneumatic, electric, hydraulic.


What are the high pressure valves? Introduction to materials of high temperature and high pressure valves


As the name suggests, high temperature and high pressure valve is a valve product suitable for use under higher temperature and higher air pressure. In fact, it does not refer to a single valve. It can further include a variety of styles and classifications. Friends who are interested or want to purchase but do not have basic knowledge for the time being may refer to the following, Let's analyze and learn about the knowledge of high temperature and high pressure valves, including material introduction and a series of purchase suggestions. Interested friends may gain satisfactory results. Further, we can also refer to the actual situation to comprehensively determine a suitable high temperature and high pressure valve.


1 Material of high temperature and high pressure valve


1. Materials with high hardness


2. Materials with acid resistant protective film


3. Materials with high yield point and good stability


4. Materials with high fatigue strength.


To improve the properties of materials, one is to use alloying, the other is to use appropriate heat treatment. Alloying method is to develop new materials with various special properties by changing the chemical composition of steel. Heat treatment method does not change the chemical composition of steel, but applies different heating, insulation and cooling to steel in solid state, so as to change the microstructure of steel and improve the properties of materials


2 High temperature and high pressure valve structure


1. Self tightening seal is adopted


Generally, when the ultra-high pressure unloading valve works, the valve disc receives an upward thrust under the medium pressure. The higher the pressure in the system, the greater the upward thrust, and the lower the specific pressure on the sealing surface. And the valve is affected by the control pressure at the moment of closing, which has a great impact on the valve seat, which can easily damage the sealing surface and reduce the service life of the valve. Self tightening replaceable seat ultra-high pressure relief valve, the valve disc is not directly scoured by the medium, reducing the erosion wear. When the valve is closed, the valve disc is only affected by the elastic force of the small spring, so that the impact of the valve disc on the valve seat is very small, the sealing surface is not easy to be damaged, and the service life of the valve is improved. Because of its simple structure and reliable operation, it can ensure the stability of the valve under ultra-high pressure.


2. Wedge disc


From the mechanical analysis, because the conical valve is a cantilever beam, it is easy to produce vibration and fatigue fracture under the impact of high-pressure and high-speed fluid and high-frequency vibration. The valve core of the wedge valve is formed by cutting the cylindrical valve core with an inclined plane. This shape is equivalent to a simply supported beam from the mechanical point of view. Because the lower end of the valve disc is close to the valve seat, the vibration of the valve disc is very small or difficult to vibrate. Therefore, compared with the cone valve, the wedge valve has better stability in the operation process.


In addition, the valve seat and valve outlet are designed into a hill nozzle shape, which can reduce cavitation and flash. A flow limiting hole is installed in front of or behind the valve, which can absorb part of the pressure drop, reduce the pressure drop before and after the valve, and reduce cavitation. If there is flash, it is not easy to use the outlet flow near the bottom. The new structure is an effective way to improve the service life of ultra-high pressure relief valve. However, the higher the pressure, the simpler the structure should be.


3 What are the high pressure valves


High temperature and high pressure stop valve, Z-type high temperature and high pressure differential regulating valve, high temperature and high pressure gate valve, high temperature and high pressure stop valve (manual), high temperature and high pressure gate valve of power station, etc.


Through the above analysis, we can find that compared with ordinary valve products, high temperature and high pressure valves have many functions and advantages, not only including the basic control effect, but also because the product is not so harsh on the environment, even if the external temperature is too high or the air pressure changes strongly, We can also achieve the same satisfactory effect as expected with the help of high-temperature and high-pressure valves. The above is the purchase suggestions and information of relevant aspects, including the classification and comparative analysis of materials of high-pressure valves. Interested friends can comprehensively determine a satisfactory valve product.