• Forged Side Entry Soft-seated

Forged Side Entry Soft-seated

Product overview

3D forged side entry soft-seated floating ball valves are designed according to ISO17292 and are mainly used within applications with a wide pressure and temperature range (150LB~2500LB,-46℃~200℃). It is a cost effective alternative for small-sized trunnion mounted ball valves. The valves are fire safe designed and have been certified per API607 and API6FA. 3D offers two-piece and three-piece split body designs.

Pressure Rating: ASME CLASS 150~2500(PN16~PN420)
Body material
Carbon steel, Stainless steel, Alloy steel, Duplex stainless steel,exotic alloy etc.
End connection
Manual, Pneumatic, Electric, Hydraulic,ect.


Application principle of ball valve:


For oil and natural gas transmission main pipelines, pipelines that need to be cleaned and buried underground, ball valves with all-through and all welded structure shall be selected; For those buried on the ground, select full-pass ball valves connected by welding or flange; Branch pipes shall be flanged, welded, full-pass or reduced diameter ball valves. Flange connected ball valve shall be selected for the transmission pipeline and storage equipment of product oil.


Floating ball valves with flange connection and internal thread connection are selected for urban gas and natural gas pipelines. In the oxygen pipeline system in the metallurgical system, the fixed ball valve with strict degreasing treatment and flange connection should be selected. Low temperature ball valve with valve cover shall be selected for pipeline system and device of low temperature medium.


Lifting rod ball valve can be selected for the pipeline system of catalytic cracking unit of oil refining unit. All stainless steel ball valves made of austenitic stainless steel and PTFE as valve seat sealing ring should be selected for devices and pipeline systems with corrosive media such as acid and alkali in chemical system.


Metal to metal sealed ball valves can be selected for pipeline systems or devices of high-temperature media in metallurgical systems, power systems, petrochemical devices and urban heating systems. When flow regulation is required, worm gear driven, pneumatic or electric regulating ball valve with V-shaped opening can be selected.